Who are wE and what we do

Miguel Caballero is the only bulletproof fashion tailor worldwide who offers highly
exclusive custom made designer clothing which ensures that you are protected whilst
having an outstanding look.

Our special patented technology enables us to produce high fashion with integral
components of bulletproof panels. All garments of Miguel Caballero are very thin,
light weight, flexible, and discreet, which imparts a high comfort in wearing.

Anything is possible. From a discreet custom made T-shirt which can be worn
under a suit and tie to a complete designed and personalized custom made
Miguel Caballero collection which will be an absolute fashionable eye catcher.

We offer a variety of designer suits, jackets, coats, trendy vests and t-shirts for
classic, sportive or casual wear, in all fabrics you can imagine, for men and
women. Get in contact with us and make an appointment.

Our Clients:

Among our clientele you´ll find Royals, Presidents, Politicians, Diplomats, Business executives and other VIP´s such as actors, singers and professional athletes who want to be protected whilst leaving the best impression by being dressed absolutely stylish all the time.

Miguel Caballero Couture. How does it work:

Step 1.

You get in touch with us directly or
with your local store.

Step 2.

We will contact you to introduce ourselves and
explore your wishes.

Step 3.

We will make an appointment with you for choosing
the clothing´s, the protection level, the fabrics, the
style and for taking the size.

Step 4.

We arrange all financial matters.

Step 5.

Between 8 to 10 weeks later, we deliver.

Step 6.

We´ll make sure your clothing´s fit

Step 7.

You can always contact us. We stay at your service.

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